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Here's a comprehensive article about filters and safeguards.

For many, Christmas is a day to give and receive new devices. Moments enjoyed unwrapping these gifts are exciting and fun-filled. Yet, when the family scatters to play with their presents, these devices become open doorways to pornography and other online dangers. The truth is that with new technology comes new temptations

Whether you are a parent who wants to protect their children, on the road of recovery yourself, or simply someone who wants to steer clear of explicit imagery, you will benefit from a proactive approach this Christmas. Here are 8 great resources that can help you porn-proof your presents this Christmas.

1.       Parental Controls: 5 Ways to Make Tech Gifts Safe

2.      Learn How to Add Filters on XBox, Playstation, & Wii

3.      Internet Protection for Your Holiday Gifts: The 2011 Gadget Guide

4.      How to Have a Safe iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad

5.      Is My Child Ready for a Mobile Device: A Parent’s One Stop Holiday Gift Guide

6.      How to Lock Down Your iPad: Protect Your Kids from Porn

7.      Setting Restrictions on Cell Phones

8.      3 Key Ingredients for Your Family Tech Plan

Whether you are a parent or a person in recovery, remember that for “whatever devices you may plan to give away (or get) this Christmas, it is absolutely critical that you are able to protect it” (Covenant Eyes). Otherwise, pornography and other potential dangers are one-search and a click away.

Will you take a proactive approach to porn-protection this Christmas?

When you do, you are making a worthwhile investment in yourself and those you love. The time you spend preparing and protecting presents is a worthwhile investment in a more meaningful holiday season.

We at LifeSTAR of the Central Valley wish you a joy-filled season as you celebrate the ending of another year and the preparation for a new one.

*For additional resources, check out our LifeSTAR page called Children, Teens, & Parents

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